Hobsons Starfish Enterprise Success Platform


Hobsons Starfish Enterprise Success Platform

The Education Planning and Degree Audit System (EPTDAS) Steering Committee, made up of eight pilot districts, was charged with conducting industry research, developing counselor and student-based requirements, then publishing and evaluating a competitive request for proposal including references from across the country. Three vendor finalists were invited to provide oral presentations and demonstrate their systems to the steering committee.

As a result of this process, the steering committee selected the Hobsons Starfish Enterprise Success Platform to support the goals of the EPI grant. Starfish is a web-based, mobile friendly, software-as-a-service platform that is used by counseling faculty, instructional faculty, staff and students. It comprises three key functional areas:

  • Degree Planner for developing and maintaining step-by-step academic plans
  • Early Alert for student monitoring and planning
  • Connect for online appointments and case management

Building on lessons learned from the piloting effort, the EPI is now focused on a statewide rollout of the education planning toolset. The primary mission of the EPI program is to promote the implementation of an education planning tool. Participation is entirely optional for any California community college. Colleges interested in only Early Alert and/or Connect may still take advantage of the negotiated pricing with Hobsons.


Type: Grant | Initiative | Service | Software
Initiative: Education Planning Initiative
Division: Institutional Effectiveness
Grant Year: unknown

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