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All California Community Colleges now have the opportunity to adopt Instructure’s Canvas as their campus-wide Course Management System (CCMS). Canvas represents the common platform for the integration of many OEI resources including the OEI Course Design Rubric, QUEST online learner readiness, and a variety of professional development options.

The selection of  Instructure’s Canvas as the CCMS was nearly unanimous among the OEI CCMS Committee charged with selecting a CCMS, including overwhelming support from student participants. “Both the students and faculty members involved believed that students would be most successful using the Canvas system,” said OEI Statewide Program Director Steve Klein. “The student success element was a consistent focus throughout.” The choice was based on the OEI philosophy of doing what is best for the students of California.


State Chancellor Office Website:
Type: Initiative | Software
Initiative: Online Education Initiative
Division: Technology, Research and Information Systems
State Participation: statelicensed
Funding Source: Unknown

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PT 1: I have some pretty exciting news! If you are attending @CanvasLMS #InstCon in Long Beach, CA this year I will be presenting on Using GIFs as Instructional/Training Tools in Canvas. #CanvasGIF #CanvasStudentGIF !

#releasenotes: Sometimes simple changes can make a big impact. Quizzes Next instructors can see the entire quiz point total in the sidebar as they build their next quiz:

One of my favorite things about InstCon are the cool extracurriculars like Hack Night! Check out the blog! | @CanvasLMS Community

Introducing the Canvas Learning Management Platform! We’re building on and better connecting the tools you know and love to simplify teaching, elevate learning, and eliminate the hassle of supporting mediocre learning technologies.

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