Utelogy Corporation provides a smart classroom platform for education and collaboration.

As a pure software solution, it delivers control, management, and analytics for your audio-visual systems.

Because it’s a pure software solution, the options are endless. For example, custom features like push to talk have been deployed for distance learning programs.

Products and Services

As an integrated and scalable architecture, the Utelogy platform has the following benefits that allow you to leverage existing IT/AV infrastructure:

  • Runs on computers that you already have.
  • Software-based so it’s easy to install, configure and manage.
  • Network-smart so you can do anything from anywhere
  • Virtualized and hosted on your network and computers
  • Allows you to leverage common IT skills in your department
  • Consolidate and coordinate AV and IT resources.
  • Simplistic operation for faculty and instructors to learn and use.


Vendor Contact

James Gonzalez
T: 714.768.0757
E: james.gonzalez@utelogy.com

Learn more here
Available to: Colleges


Type: Discount | Hardware | Software
Division: Technology, Research and Information Systems
State Participation: statediscount
Funding Source: Foundation
Grant Year: unknown

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Large facilities, such as schools and colleges, require a comprehensive, consistent audio-visual solution. Take a look at our case studies to learn more about how we're serving educational facilities: https://t.co/6YG8SczVwH #edtech

An audio-visual solution that's simple and intuitive can boost productivity in corporate environments. Visit our website for details about our corporate solutions: https://t.co/U3UnQ9gj4F #audiovisual

Technology like virtual reality is changing sectors from emergency response to education. Find an overview of how each sector is adopting new tech here: https://t.co/MpY2DR5tgs #emergencyoptech

Collaboration tools can easily turn an ordinary classroom into a smart classroom. For example, tools like wireless "smart podiums" can facilitate smooth teaching presentations for professors: https://t.co/jTrHF3jD1p #smartclassrooms

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