The Rp Group

The Rp Group

Research, Planning, Professional Development for California Community Colleges

The RP Group strengthens the abilities of California community colleges to gather, analyze, and act on information in order to strengthen student success.
We are a non-profit, non-partisan team made up of a dedicated Board of Directors and staff, working together with a shared and resolute goal: to increase the success of California community colleges and beyond. Through collaboration and commitment to authenticity and quality, our work is focused on promoting inspired futures for California community college students in important areas such as equity, success, completion, and employment.


Type: Group | Initiative | Professional Development | Research
Initiative: Student Success Initiative
Division: Student Services and Special Programs
State Participation: statepartnership
Grant Year: unknown

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We'd love to help you w/ your GP work. We have tools that examine curricular overlap b/w certificates or degrees that can id possible #metamajors or validate existing ones. The best news? It's no cost to you. #GuidedPathways #studentsupport

Hello #IRPE! Are you going to be joining us Thursday, July 23 at noon? We will be talking about Campus Climate Assessment and Action... #collegeresearch @CalCommColleges #datacollection

Does your GP journey need a compass - and a guide? Learn more about how the Six Success Factors can provide a valuable rationale for #GuidedPathways and a useful compass for its planning and implementation. #studentsuccess #studentvoices

Curious about or origins? Check out this infographic at #cacommunitycolleges #studentsuccess #transferstudents #studentsupport #datamatters #IRPE #collegeresearch

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