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Tenon Check

Easy to use accessibility testing tool and browser extension


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Join us next Wed, Aug 5, for #technica11y, with @devonpersing of @Shopify who will be discussing how devs can work w/ non‐tech folks in order to do #a11y work and the types of documentation that might come out of such interactions. Register at http://technica11y.org today!

"A robust and effective accessibility program is one that takes into consideration the results of multiple types of testing, each deployed at the right time and by the right people with a focus on what each testing type is best at finding." @karlgroves https://blog.tenon.io/automated-testings-strength-comes-from-efficiency

Did you know that you can earn free API credits on http://Tenon.io? All you have to do is verify test results. For every test result you verify you get a credit! https://tenon.io/verifier.php

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