Tenon Check


Tenon Check

Easy to use accessibility testing tool and browser extension


Type: Discount | Service | Software
Grant Year: unknown

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The latest webisode of #technica11y starring @garcialo discussing WCAG color guidelines is available now on https://t.co/WsjcGtaBjT

4/5 sites on the Gatsby showcase for #A11y are by ⁦@TenonAPI⁩. The illustrious ⁦@marcysutton⁩ is the other accessibility example! https://t.co/kys1lctDE3

Slides from our CSUN presentation "Issue patterns on the modern Web", Karl Groves and John Watts:
(Apple Keynote) https://t.co/lV81gAzFOf
(PDF with notes) https://t.co/8ecJJolGYA

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