Smartxt Universal Learning Program


The overall mission of the program is to integrate assistive technology into classrooms by getting teaching and learning tools into the hands of both students and teachers via a system of student mentors, student note-takers, and teacher training.

The Smartxt Universal Learning Program is a collaboration of instructors, students, and learning specialists throughout the California Community Colleges, with Laney College in Oakland California as the flagship institution.  The mission of the program is to integrate assistive technology tools into the general curriculum through the use of student mentors.

The student mentors, many who started out requiring support, now teach their peers and faculty about assistive technology and are empowered with newly found skills and knowledge. Eager to share with others, not just those with learning differences, they know first-hand what a difference multi-sensory tools can make to all students.  These tools enable students to hear textbooks and teachers’ annotated study strategies, essentially creating “A Teacher within the Text”. In addition, they allow students to see and hear instructors’ methods for solving math equations and to review class lectures on demand.

As a Universal Learning program, this multisensory support is available to the entire class, enabling instructors to serve all their students.  The ability to use technology to support students and help teachers is wonderful, and experiencing students’ excitement in passing on their knowledge and new skills to others is truly exciting!



Type: Program
Price: Not Applicable
Division: Technology, Research and Information Systems
State Participation: staterun
Grant Year: unknown

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