Portfolium is an ePortfolio and career readiness network partnered with more than 150 colleges and universities to help connect learning with opportunity. Portfolium has a Cal State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) system-wide partnership aiding as a visual destination for students. Portfolium has grown into an international network that helps over 6 million students share a complete picture of their academic and professional potential. Portfolium provides a proven, turn-key platform for colleges and universities to enhance and streamline key objectives with a focus on outcomes, including: career readiness, skills planning, assessment and reflection, transfer success, co-curricular transcripts, retention, and employer engagement.


Type: Discount | Software
Division: Student Services and Special Programs | Technology, Research and Information Systems
Student Service: Student Success & Support Program
State Participation: statediscount
Funding Source: Foundation
Grant Year: unknown

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#detche19 I'm hearing a lot about faculty engagement with #EdTech and want to emphasize how valuable it is to hear directly from the people we are all here for, the Student. When reviewing technologies, you can capture #TheStudentVoice in your committee by inviting them to join. https://twitter.com/PortfoliumHQ/status/1202671282707255296


🔊 Hear live student testimonies from @GeorgiaStateU, @HendersonStateU, @PLNU, @TarletonState, and @SalveRegina with #TheStudentVoice webinar. https://www.instructure.com/portfolium/the-student-voice

🔊 Hear live student testimonies from @GeorgiaStateU, @HendersonStateU, @PLNU, @TarletonState, and @SalveRegina with #TheStudentVoice webinar. https://www.instructure.com/portfolium/the-student-voice

It's widely accepted that #employers are increasingly focusing on job #skills as hiring requirements, not specific majors. This is why it is important for students to be able to identify those skills and understand their transferability. https://campustechnology.com/articles/2019/12/03/college-students-overestimate-importance-of-major-selection-for-job-prospects @Campus_Tech

Research finds that trade school #graduates often find more value in their degree than #HigherEd alumni. "Consumers are telling us that they want educational programs to connect directly with their #career paths. It's time that we listen." https://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2019/11/18/survey-graduates-value-credentials

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