Multiple Measures Assessment Project


The Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP) is a collaborative effort led by the RP Group and Educational Results Partnerships’ Cal-PASS Plus system to develop, pilot, and assess implementation of a statewide placement tool using multiple measures. This project is an integrated effort of the California Community College’s Common Assessment Initiative (CAI)

For over two decades, California’s community colleges have been required to assess and place students in the curriculum through means other than a single test score. However, until recently, test scores have dominated the placement process across the California system. Yet, growing evidence indicates that multiple measures, such as high school transcripts and noncognitive variables, can greatly improve the accuracy of the placement process, and in turn, can facilitate student movement into and through college-level coursework.

As part of the CAI, the Multiple Measures Assessment Project aims to contribute to the advancement of the approach across the state’s system. MMAP has three primary objectives:

  1. Development of a data warehouse: includes creation of a secure, large, and robust data warehouse to collect, store, and analyze multiple measures which will include high school transcript and test data, as well as MIS and placement test data for each community college.
  2. Creation of a comprehensive analytical model: includes identification, analysis, and validation of known multiple measures data points, drawing directly from research obtained through the Student Transcript-Enhanced Placement Study pilot, and leveraging of predictive analytic software to identify new data points that can serve as effective multiple measures.
  3. Development of user tools for assessment and placement using multiple measures: includes the engagement of pilot colleges throughout the process to assist in development of the analytic tools and user interface, and to test the tools and models using local college data supplied through the data warehouse.



Type: Initiative | Project
Initiative: Common Assessment Initiative
Division: Student Services and Special Programs
Student Service: Assessment and Placement
State Participation: statepartnership
Grant Year: unknown

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