Jobs for the Future


JFF expands the capacity of a wide range of clients—including school districts, community colleges, employers, nonprofits, workforce boards, and state agencies—to dramatically improve the career prospects of those struggling to succeed in today’s economy. Our services build on 30 years of experience in designing, implementing, and supporting accelerated pathways that propel at-risk youth and low-skilled adults to enter college and earn postsecondary credentials with immediate labor market value.

Our staff members bring expertise in education, workforce, economic, and community development, and decades of experience partnering with members of the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to enact meaningful reforms. All of our services are led by a senior team from JFF. We provide a unique combination of on-the-ground program creation, recognized state and federal policy advocacy, and extensive partner networks. We offer specific expertise in student engagement, dropout recovery, early college, career pathways, industry-postsecondary partnerships, employer engagement, professional development, peer learning, research, data analysis, knowledge dissemination, and financing strategies.


Type: Service
Price: Not Applicable
Initiative: Career Technical Education Pathways Initiative
Division: Workforce and Economic Development
State Provided: 1
State Participation: staterun
Grant Year: unknown

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