Integrated Planning – ASK

Integrated Planning Applied Solutions Kit (ASK)

Integrated Planning – ASK

The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) defines integrated planning as “the linking of vision, priorities, people, and the physical institution in a flexible system of evaluation, decision-making and action. It shapes and guides the entire organization as it evolves over time and within its community”. Developing, implementing, and sustaining an effective integrated planning process is essential for institutional effectiveness. It is also a critical element in the accreditation process; there are several standards focused on integrated planning, and this concept is woven throughout all the accreditation standards as well.

The Integrated Planning Applied Solutions Kit (ASK) provides a variety of tools, resources, and examples that can help to strengthen planning. This ASK includes a specific model for integrated planning and its five components — Discover, Develop, Implement, Evaluate, and Report. Each component of the IP Model has associated resources and examples that users can adapt for use at their campus.


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