GradGuru is an award-winning mobile platform that increases community college student retention and completion.
By delivering free nudge notifications to iOS and Android smartphones, GradGuru helps students keep track of academic and financial aid deadlines, guides them through critical milestones, and rewards behaviors that are proven to lead to academic success.
GradGuru provides a cloud-based platform to manage content without the need for IT integration. Colleges can easily add, change, and customize deadlines, alerts, and tips to help their students graduate on time.
GradGuru’s mission is to increase community college student completion rates and accelerate their path to success.

Products and Services

  • Unlimited app downloads for student users
  • Ability to create, customize and publish campus-specific notifications
  • 150 pre-loaded and evidence-based tips to boost retention and completion
  • Badges & rewards functionality
  • On-boarding and custom content creation service


Vendor Contact

Catalina Ruiz-Healy
Founder & CEO

Contract Information

Please contact us for a demo and learn more about the preferred pricing, and additional discounts.

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Type: Software
State Participation: statediscount
Funding Source: Foundation
Grant Year: unknown

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