Event Coverage Service

3C Media Event Coverage Service

Event Coverage Service

Event Coverage Service provides you the opportunity to video record, stream LIVE online and archive all or part of your classroom lecture, presentation, symposium, conference keynote speaker, workshop, break-out sessions, board meetings and special events. Your event is recorded and archived online for viewing at a later time by students, staff and faculty.   Events streamed LIVE online can range from a simple talking head video, a presentation with slides incorporated into the video, or a multi-camera video production with a variety of options. For LIVE streaming a variety of options can be provided and we’d be happy to discuss with you.  If you have an event and would like to speak with us about your plans and available video options, please email Phillip Cerda at support@3cmediasolutions.org.


Type: Service
Price: Not Applicable
State Provided: 1
State Participation: staterun
Funding Source: TTIP Grant
Grant Year: unknown

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