eLumen is a nationally recognized curriculum and assessment management platform that supports development of courses and programs around competencies/learning outcomes, provides course-embedded outcomes assessment capabilities, and integrated strategic planning, program review, and accreditation planning/tracking. Our ability to truly connect what’s possible and close the loop on continuous improvement includes our ability to help you engage students in their success and extends from an articulated education plan to an extended transcript or ePortfolio.

Institutions across the country have adopted our platform and have recognized improved student learning outcomes and better collaboration across campus between faculty and student services, as well as reduced costs for developing, deploying and maintaining curriculum in support of student pathways, completion, foundational competencies and learning.

Products and Services

  • eLumen SLO Performance Management and Integrated Strategic Planning
  • eLumen Curriculum Management
  • eLumen Course Catalog
  • eLumen Student Engagement and ePortfolio


Vendor Contact

Matthew Coombs
Chief Operating Officer
T: 916.673.7140
E: matt@elumenconnect.com

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While many factors are at play in shaping higher education’s evolution in recent years, according to Matt Coombs, COO of @elumenconnect, economic pressure takes the lead. https://bit.ly/2Bx1ej7

We excited to announce Bellevue University has joined the eLumen network of colleges!


The days of using spreadsheets to manage curriculum are numbered. Learn how your institution can not only modernize your processes, but also greatly reduce risk of error. #curriculummanagement #highered http://ow.ly/PW6350B1BNV

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