Educational Results Partnership


Educational Results Partnership

Educational Results Partnership (ERP) is a national alliance of business and academia dedicated to improving educational productivity: kindergarten through job. Using the nation’s largest database on student achievement, we uncover successful schools, particularly in economically disadvantaged districts, and promote their best practices. It’s time to change the conversation about American education from pointing out failure to promoting success.


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Many first-year college students placed in remedial courses shouldn’t be there. Our research has found that unnecessary remediation is often a roadblock to college completion. Learn more:

ERP’s research utilizes K-12 data to identify critical momentum points where students are at risk for falling behind. Our work supports curricular alignment and evidence-based placement for improved transitions for middle school to high school students.

Every year, hundreds of organizations compile, crunch and publish enormous volumes of information on socioeconomic trends. It’s overwhelming. How do we make sense of it all? That’s where ERP comes in.

We partner with a variety of organizations and leaders that are committed to improving #equity and outcomes in education and the #workforce. Learn more about our partnerships and collaborations.

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