Career Ladders Project


The Career Ladders Project (CLP) aims to improve educational and career outcomes for Californians. We foster these opportunities through research, policy reforms and strategic assistance to community colleges—and their K16 education, workforce and community partners.

Located in Oakland, California, the Career Ladders Project is a dynamic organization which consults and partners with community colleges throughout California to help implement educational and career pathways to ensure that disadvantaged youth and adults receive education and training that will meet the real demands of employers in the 21st century—and lead them to high-wage, high-demand careers


Type: Initiative
Price: Not Applicable
Division: Workforce and Economic Development
State Provided: 1
State Participation: staterun
Funding Source: Foundation
Grant Year: unknown

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Great news on AB751! It's not the right time. Thank you @CAgovernor ! #EdEquity

Dr. Ed Bush of @ChooseCRC: "Our babies, our children, folks in our community simply deserve the opportunity to go to an institution that has been planned and designed for them to be successful."

Dr. Ed Bush, president of @ChooseCRC: "We blame black and brown students for their achievement and don't go back to the source.... If we just continue to look at the symptoms without looking at the source, we are committing educational malpractice." #SSSC19 #EdEquity

Julian West@JulianWest44

"Real equity work is not safe and not sanitized"
"We can catch up on the reading but it's hard to teach courage"

Dr Bush giving real talk at Stregthening Student Success Conference

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