California Community College DECT Grant Program


CaptionSync is an automated service that enables you to submit your media through a web-based interface and receive caption files very quickly — within minutes if you are able to provide a transcript file, or within three business days if you need us to generate the transcript. We offer over 100 output formats that support most broadcast and web media formats, including popular types like Flash, YouTube, iTunes, and others. CaptionSync can be used to generate a transcript of your media, or it can generate fully synchronized caption files for you.

AST was again selected as one of the pre-approved vendors for post-production transcription and captioning services for California Community Colleges for the Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant program (DECT). Under this grant program, member colleges can use AST’s captioning and transcription services for eligible distance learning materials and have the services paid for directly out of the grant funding. Information on the program can be found on the DECT grant program administrators site here




Type: Grant | Service
State Participation: statediscount
Grant Year: unknown

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"Speaking at an accessibility conference forced me to think about my speaker tendencies." @LittleKope

"Mitchell said he blogs to help families of other people with autism who are nonverbal understand their capabilities. In a recent post, he wrote about the frustration he feels when...assume he can’t understand what they’re saying."
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"The descriptions offer a glimpse of how screen reader users access artwork, while also providing illuminating alternative perspectives on the work."
#blind #lowvision #museums #art

"Cole Gleason...the co-author of Making Memes Accessible, a research paper analyzing the issue, says that the more fun aspects of daily life are often left on the back burner when it comes to accessibility work."
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