The California Acceleration Project (CAP) is an initiative that works to increase the proportion of community college students who complete transfer requirements in math and English and to decrease equity gaps for this early momentum point to degree completion. CAP has supported dozens of California community colleges to develop and offer English and Statistics pathways that reduce students’ time in remediation by at least a semester. These pathways align remediation with college-level requirements; use high-challenge, high-support pedagogy; and make no changes to the rigorous, transfer-level course. Hundreds of faculty have received in-depth training to offer these pathways, including in-person workshops, coaching, and online resources.

Accelerated developmental education aims to increase the numbers of community college students who complete college-level gatekeeper courses in English and Math. At minimum, acceleration involves reducing the length of English and Math sequences and eliminating the exit points where students are lost by not passing, or not enrolling in, courses in the pipeline.


Type: Initiative | Project
Initiative: Student Success Initiative
Grant Year: unknown

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More evidence of how bad community colleges' placement practices have been: 3% of STEM-aspiring students who'd passed Alg 2 in high school were placed into transferable college math, while 50% were required to repeat 3+ courses they'd already passed #ab705

New report from the Public Policy Institute of CA re: progress and barriers to increasing transfer among community college students.

New blog "Humanizing Your Online Class with Flipgrid Videos" includes concrete ideas for using Flipgrid in English, math, ESL, and other disciplines. Join a conversation with the author this Friday, 9/11 2-3pm. Register in the link below.

ICYMI: A recording of the recent webinar, "Across the False Divide: Supporting English Learners in College Composition," by Jose Cortes and Melissa Reeve of Solano College

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