Beyond Financial Aid


Beyond Financial Aid is a toolkit designed to help two- and four-year institutions close attainment gaps for low-income students.  BFA expands the concept of “financial supports” for college beyond grants, scholarships and loans and describes six college-tested strategies for helping low-income students overcome the significant challenges created by limited resources.  BFA features a self-assessment that college teams can use to analyze their service capacities and an interpretation guide to help map out their first steps toward strengthening these capacities.


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In this issue of Focus magazine, Jamie Merisotis says we need high-quality education programs to fully develop the talent in our rural regions, so it can be unleashed to benefit those students - and our country.

Fewer than one in five students who enroll part time from the start at a four-year college have earned a degree eight years later. Part-timers at community college fare even worse.

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