Alternate Text Production Center


Alternate Text Production Center (ATPC) is the first publicly funded, system-wide resource dedicated to serving the alternate media needs of the largest post-secondary educational system in the world. There are 113 community colleges in California and each of them has equal access to the media services provided by the ATPC.

From existing print or electronic documents, the ATPC creates alternate media products for use by California Community College students with print-related disabilities. These products consist of:

  • Electronic Text files
  • Electronic Braille files
  • Braille books and documents
  • Tactile Graphics

The ATPC uses state-of-the-art technologies to fulfill its mission of support to the California Community College system. If you have questions or comments related to the ATPC, please contact the ATPC staff by the telephone or e-mail info listed below.


Type: Service
Price: Not Applicable
Division: Technology, Research and Information Systems
State Participation: staterun
Grant Year: unknown

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