Adobe ETLA

Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement

Adobe ETLA

Adobe manufactures award-winning software solutions for network publishing, including web, print, video, wireless, and broadband applications. Its graphic design, imaging, dynamic media, and authoring tools enable customers to create, publish, and deliver visually rich content.

Colleges can access the most popular Adobe tools at a price point that is unparalleled under the Foundation consortium Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) program. Adobe, the Foundation for California Community Colleges, and ComputerLand of Silicon Valley are pleased to offer site licensing of Adobe’s most popular creative tools. Students, faculty, and staff will have access to the tools in a variety of ways to enhance the educational experience. All campus labs are covered and colleges will no longer have to worry about deployment counts, compliance or upgrades, as all machines are included and licensing upgrades are automatic.

Over 80 California Community Colleges are already participating in the Adobe ETLA program.

Products and Services

  • Adobe Creative Cloud


For more information please contact 1.800.639.1319
Jeff Koh
Sheri York
Bill Fix

Available to: Students | Faculty and Staff | Colleges


Type: Program
Division: Technology, Research and Information Systems
State Participation: statediscount
Funding Source: Foundation
Grant Year: unknown

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