3C Media Solutions


3C Media Solutions

3C Media Solutions is the educational media distribution source for video content, podcasts, streaming services, and event coverage for the 113 campuses of the California Community Colleges System.

As part of the TTIP South project, 3C Media Solutions is a collaborative effort to advance distance learning and support the mission of the CCC system by acquiring and distributing educational and professional development programming for the California Community Colleges system (CCC). 3C Media Solutions, formerly CCCSAT, was established in 1998, is grant-funded through the CCC Chancellor’s Office, and is based at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA.

3C Media Solutions technology benefits the faculty, staff and students at California Community Colleges as it provides them with relevant and necessary information at a time when budgetary constraints are limiting their access to information.

  • Educational and professional development programs
  • Conference Solutions
  • Webcasting
  • Web streaming
  • Production support
  • Video recordings

Services provided by 3C Media Solutions benefits the system by:

  • Making content available to those who are geographically and economically challenged
  • Making it accessible for students with disabilities
  • Being environmentally responsible
  • Being on page with the future of education
  • Reaching one/many simultaneously
  • Enabling content can be preserved and re-used
  • Delivering stored content or live events to any location with an Internet connection simultaneously
  • Being easy for end-users to use – they only need a web browser and a media viewer
  • Providing an alternate communications method to real-time interactive applications
  • Being cost effective – eliminates some need for travel by allowing people to gain the information without physically being in a certain location.
  • Allowing students to access course material outside of class time, leaving that class time open for other uses, i.e., discussions, questions, applied work.
  • Giving students the ability to pause and replay as needed (asynchronous viewing of events)
  • Giving instructors options of when to make material available (before the lecture to prepare students for classroom discussion and practice, after the lecture as a review of topics covered in class, or in place of lecture for those who missed class)
  • Generating more visual excitement
  • Enabling, facilitating, and encouraging learning through interactivity between all shared parties


In addition, the following services are provided to the system by 3C Media Solutions:

  • 3C Media Solutions makes the Board of Governors meetings available live, through webcast, to the entire California Community Colleges system.
  • 3C Media Solutions makes content available to a wider audience than professors could normally reach without it.
  • 3C Media Solutions can assist with capturing that special key-note speaker, or even an entire conference.
  • 3C Media Solutions offers faculty and staff of the CCC System server space (a 3C Media account) to house media files.
  • Training
  • Communications
  • Highlights Student Success




Type: Resource
Price: Free
Division: Technology, Research and Information Systems
State Provided: 1
State Participation: staterun
Funding Source: TTIP Grant
Grant Year: unknown

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