Doing What MATTERS

Doing What MATTERS

For community colleges to become essential catalysts to California’s economic recovery and jobs creation at the local, regional and state levels.

The Strategy
Doing What MATTERS for jobs and the economy is a four-pronged framework to respond to the call of our nation, state, and regions to close the skills gap. The four prongs are:

  • Give Priority for Jobs and the Economy
  • Make Room for Jobs and the Economy
  • Promote Student Success
  • Innovate for Jobs and the Economy



Type: Initiative
Price: Not Applicable
Initiative: Career Technical Education Pathways Initiative
Division: Workforce and Economic Development
State Provided: 1
State Participation: staterun
Funding Source: Foundation
Grant Year: unknown

Twitter Feed

“Executives have this idea that ‘as my people become obsolete, I’ll just hire new people.' Well, they won’t be there.” That leaves employers with an urgent task: investing in their current workers. #workforcedevelopment #futureofwork

#Healthcare professional and technical and #edu occupations have the second-highest concentration of online ads for jobs that require graduate degrees.
Read: #CEWemployment

Great writeup by @GoldieStandardTwitter on @SchmidtFutures @jfftweets $1b Wage Challenge, where I was a judge with @WorkforceVan, @bfcobert, + @ETSCorporate (D. Payne). Saw some really creative ideas and approaches using mobile, AI, and brain science.

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