Umoja Community

Umoja Community

The Umoja Community serves at risk, educationally and economically disadvantaged students, believing that when the voices and histories of students are deliberately and intentionally recognized, students develop self-efficacy and a foundation for academic success. Umoja actively promotes student success for all students, with an emphasis on African American student success, through culturally responsive curriculum and practices. Chancellors and college presidents from across the community colleges act as a consortium to advise the Umoja Governing Board on program implementation and generate ideas for securing additional funding.


Type: Community | Initiative
Price: Not Applicable
Initiative: Student Success Initiative
Division: Student Services and Special Programs
Student Service: EOPS / CARE / CAFYES | Student Success & Support Program
State Participation: staterun
Funding Source: Foundation
Grant Year: unknown

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Sending a HUGE shout out to the students who attended #TheMajorityReport reception in Sacramento! You all are the center of our work in fighting for education systems that support California's diverse youth population.


King was a product of a black prophetic tradition, full of fire in his bones, love in his heart, light in his mind, and courage in his soul. He’s not an isolated icon on a pedestal to be viewed as some figure in a museum. Let us learn from him and from them all. #MLK #MLKDay

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